For the sixth consecutive year, Welly Ball is delighted to be partnering the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. CWMT raises awareness and support for young adults with mental health problems and to reduce associated stigmas. Welly Ball feels it is important to support a cause that directly affects many school and university students.

The funds from the Welly Ball last year have helped to fund the expansion of the mental health training for GP's both in Scotland and across the UK, increasing their ability to recognise mental health problems in their patients and offer practical assistance.

With our continued support, CWMT plans to continue their work in schools and support of parents and carers, develop their GP programme and e-learning packages, and continue to provide mental health resources to schools and universities to meet growing demands.



We are so very grateful for the funds donated to the Trust from the Welly Ball. The substantial sums you have raised have made a very significant contribution to our work, helping us to expand our training and resources considerably.

 To illustrate the sort of work your contributions are enabling us to undertake:

·  £2 pays for a pack of our literature on mental wellbeing to be sent to a school or university

·  £10 pays for us to send a mental health book to a school

·  £90 pays for 100 of our Depression Warning Signs posters

·  £500 pays for a day’s mental health awareness training at a school or workplace

·  £1,600 pays for 10,000 copies of our Wellbeing Action Plan for young people


This means that, for example, the £27,000 raised from the ball in 2017 would have enabled us to send out enough copies of our Wellbeing Action Plan to give around 170,000 young people one each; to provide 54 full days of mental health training in schools or workplaces; or to put up 300,000 Depression Warning Signs posters. 

Of course, in practice, your donations will be used to fund a mixture of activities, but I hope this gives you an idea of just what an impact your support makes in helping young people, especially, learn how to look after their mental health.

 Finally, I thought you might like to read some examples of the feedback we receive about our work:

“I wanted to write and thank you for the work carried out by the Charlie Waller Trust and how in particular it has helped my son. Following a talk…at his school, my son had the courage to talk to me about his anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts... Thanks to the talk, my son was able to seek help and we are now on that journey.” From a parent

“My attitude to mental health has changed. I feel more equipped to deal with it.” Local authority staff member

“A massive thanks to you for coming to our school. The feedback from the parents has been really positive. If this talk can help just one child who has been silently struggling then it’s fantastic.” Primary school teacher

We are so grateful to Welly Ball for their continual support – it makes a huge difference to what we are able to provide for students and build on the work we have already done in universities.

Best wishes

Rachel Waller

Head of Fundraising at Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

Head of Fundraising at Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

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